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Bring back nature to our power plants.

Pacifico Energy is committed to developing projects in a nature-conscious manner.

In the early stages of development, we conduct surveys in accordance with the Environmental Survey and Protection Ordinance.
We also transplant rare plants and other species that are found in the project site.
In terms of forest conservation, we have reduced the size of the development area in consideration of local requests
and the presence of rare animals and plants,
and there are power plants that have secured a residual forest ratio that far exceeds the prefectural standard.

The power plant managed by Pacifico Energy does not use any herbicides.
After construction, in order to protect the topsoil, we attempted to revegetate the site with white clover, clover and other cover plants. Eventually, a variety of native neighborhood species thrive and shape the original diverse vegetation.
We cut the grass annually at a cost, not by weed control, but by human mowing. We respect biodiversity and welcome animals, waterfowl, plants and trees to the power plant and enjoy the nature return every single day.

In other places, drainage plans have been made to prevent muddy streams from flowing into the rivers where fireflies live,
and water pipes have been passed through to allow upstream rainwater to flow in.
When the environment is improved by transplanting brook snails, which serve as food for firefly larvae,
to the Firefly River, many fireflies continue to live there.

Such efforts may not be visible on the surface, but it gives ourselves a great deal of pleasure when we confirm that nature,
plants and animals are returning and living in harmony with our solar power plants.

Take a look at our power plants to see how nature and the four seasons play out.

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