Power Trading


Power trading refers to trading activities in the market for buying and selling electricity. Electricity suppliers (power plants and retailers) and consumers (companies and individuals) sell and buy electricity in the power trading market. Power trading has several social implications.
These factors make power trading an important part of increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the energy system, not only for economic benefit but also for environmental impact.

01 Energy Supply Stability

  • Power trading is important to ensure the stability of the energy supply. By balancing supply and demand and selling and buying power on the energy market, sufficient power can be ensured during peak demand periods and in emergency situations.

02 Promoting Competition and Efficiency

  • Electricity markets promote competition and the efficient use of energy. Electric utilities and power plants can enter market competition and pursue the development of efficient generation methods and distribution systems through price competition and technological innovation.

03 Development of Renewable Energy

  • Power trading also has the effect of promoting renewable energies. Renewable energies are attracting attention as a countermeasure to global warming and environmental problems, and the active trading of renewable energies in the power trading market is expected to promote their introduction and development.

04 Resource Optimization

  • In the electric power market, resources can be optimized by trading power efficiently, taking into account the balance between supply and demand. In areas and during times of low demand, surplus power can be supplied to other areas and during times of high demand, thereby reducing the waste of electricity and making more effective use of energy resources.

Pacifico Energy forecasts demand in light of the long-term economic situation, weather, and temperature outlook; forecasts supply capacity by time of day in light of solar radiation and wind speed from the weather; charges power in storage batteries during times of excess supply and discharges power during times of high demand to provide power using the storage batteries. trading (wholesale market). Furthermore, the provision of regulating power (regulating power market) and reserve power (capacity market) utilizing the characteristics of storage batteries are expected to play a major role in the power system. In the future, solar power plants are also expected to provide supply power to the power trading market through power trading functions.
Pacifico Energy has developed its own market forecast AI system and tool, and will build and establish a data x energy business model that makes full use of AI in addition to the above-mentioned know-how.
By utilizing both hardware (solar power generation and storage battery facilities, etc.) and software (EMS and communication equipment, in-house digital and AI system and tool), Pacifico Energy will contribute to stabilizing the power system in Japan, where the introduction of renewable energy has been progressing.
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