Building a sustainable society
that connects to the future generation

Climate change is one of the world's largest threats, and Japan, as a member of the developed world, has a responsibility to actively reduce greenhouse gasses, such as CO2. This is the responsibility of our generation, who has benefited from the production of greenhouse gases. We cannot continue to place the burden on future generations.

Japan, where natural resources are scarce, is highly dependent on foreign fossil fuels. To ensure energy security, a clean break from our dependence on foreign fossil fuels is imperative.

We believe renewable energy has the greatest potential for ensuring a cleaner energy future. Renewable energy can be used repeatedly without exhausting resources and since it does not emit carbon dioxide during power generation, it is an environmentally friendly energy. In addition, since it is produced entirely domestically, switching to renewable energy improves Japan’s energy self-sufficiency. By making the switch now, the next generation can enjoy clean and affordable energy.

Since our establishment in 2012, in cooperation with local communities, we have been committed to realizing a sustainable society through the management, development and construction of a considerable number of renewable energy power plants in order to reduce Japan’s environmental impact and improve the country’s energy self-sufficiency. We will do our very best to continue to contribute to Japan’s clean energy future and contribute to build a society where people enjoy affordable, stable and reliable power supply, with the aim of coexisting with local communities, for our children and our children’s children and the next generation thereafter.

May 2020

Hiroki Matsuo
President and CEO
Pacifico Energy K.K.

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