Renewable Power

Pacifico Energy K.K., as a responsible project owner,
see projects through from early development
phase to financing,
construction and operation.




Pacifico Energy has been developing solar power generation projects in Japan since 2012, the first year of the introduction of the government’s fixed price purchase system for renewable energy. Since then Pacifico has obtained facility certifications from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the mega solar projects totaling over 1GW.

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Offshore wind power enables Japan to produce renewable energy on a massive scale domestically via the installation of wind power generators right off the coast or further out in the sea. With the world’s sixth largest sea space, Japan’s long-term potential for offshore wind energy is estimated to be approximately 1,600 GW, which is approximately 10 times the existing thermal power generation and approximately 40 times the existing nuclear power generation in our country.

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