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Support for Child-rearing in Yamagata prefecture through Corporate Version of Hometown Tax Donation

In December 2021, Pacific Energy provided 11 prefectures with support where power plant projects have been implemented through the corporate version of hometown tax payment.
One of these prefectures, Yamagata Prefecture, is promoting the “Developing A Happy Child-rearing Environment Project,” providing 58,000 yen per newborn baby registered as a resident in Yamagata Prefecture to reduce the burden of childbirth costs. They also worked with each municipality to reduce the burden of childcare fees at the age of 0 to 2 years for households with annual incomes of less than 4.7 million yen toward free childcare services. Pacifico Energy’s donations were also used for these projects.

We are happy to support the nurture of children who will lead the next generation through our Furusato tax donations.

Public Relations, Pacifico Energy

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